Zurma Wholesale Online Portal Instructions

Introduction to Zurma Wholesale B2B Online Portal

At Zurma we use the DEAR inventory system (https://dearsystems.com/) to manage our stock, production of goods and to provide efficient sales service to all our customers. The DEAR B2B Wholesale Portal provides a scalable and flexible platform uniquely focused on companies doing business with each other. This new B2B system provides a significant upgrade in terms of user-friendliness and increased functionality for our wholesale customers.

New Login Link

Once completing the Wholesale Application Form, Zurma will process the application. Accepted wholesale customers will be emailed a link from our DEAR B2B system that will allow you to login to your new wholesale account. (https://zurma.dearportal.com/).


Once you have created your own new password and been logged in, you will find that the content of the B2B system is essentially a copy of the Shopify (retail) version of our new website.

The new Shopify retail website also has a wholesale login link on the homepage (www.zurma.co.nz). 

The B2B homepage looks like this.

From here it is possible to navigate like a normal website, search and choose the products that you want to purchase which will be added into your cart. But wait there is much more new user-friendly functionality.


To save your email inbox being clogged with confirmation emails, we just have all your orders stored on the B2B portal.

All Orders

At the bottom of the homepage, you will find all your old invoices for the previous 2 years by clicking on All Orders.

From here you can download old invoices, check whether they have been fulfilled and payment status.


It is possible to reorder items on old invoices by simply clicking the Reorder icon which will then add the items on the old invoice into the current live cart.

The Reordered items can then be adjusted for quantity or deleted in the Cart if necessary. New items can also be added into the Cart as well.

Quick Orders

It is also possible to do Quick Orders found under the My Account heading at the bottom of the webpages.

These options allow for the use of spreadsheet CSV files. By downloading the CSV file with all the product SKU codes you can create your own list of products that you are interested in buying and upload them.

This can create a template for all future Reorders where all you have to do is adjust the quantity or delete non-essential items.

Product Favourites

Another option to easily create your own list of products which you might be interested in reordering is to use the Favourites love heart found on each product’s own page and the product image in the top right-hand corner in the category listings.

By identifying a product as a favourite, you can create your own personalised list of products. Then all you have to do when you login to reorder is click on the favourites love heart icon by the Cart in the top right hand corner to see only those products you are interested in.



Bulk Orders

Under the My Account heading at the bottom of the webpage can be found the Bulk Orders option. This allows for searching for different categories of products in a list format and scrolling through them and purchasing multiple variants of the same product at the same time.

At the bottom of the page is the Add to Cart icon. This bulk ordering system avoids having to go in and out of individual products webpages.


 Checkout Cart

The checkout process to finalise the order of the goods you want is the same basic process as the existing website. The date for payment will remain the same as your existing account.

Wholesale Shipping Calculated After Order is Received

The B2B system should only show those products that are actually in stock and are able to supply. However, no system is perfect and as per-normal we will have to get back to you to confirm what we can supply and what the cost of freight is. By calculating freight this way, it allows us to get the cheapest deal possible for all parties. If you want to pick your order up from our warehouse just let us know in the Notes section of the invoice before checking out (and when you would like to pick it up). 

Confirmation Invoice by Email

We will email you the final confirmation invoice with the cost of freight included once we have processed your order. As always you can add or subtract products before the order is shipped out by contacting us directly.

If you have any questions or problems with using this new system don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will do our best to help.


Kind Regards

The Zurma Team