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Meta Description: Take care of your skin the way nature intended. Our certified organic and natural skincare in NZ is made locally and available online. See what we have to offer.

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Organic Skincare NZ


Buy Certified Organic Skincare in NZ


You only have one body, and you need to preserve it for a long time. Give your skin the best food in the form of organic and natural skincare in NZ. We provide only high-quality certified organic and natural products as we have a passion for natural products, keeping the environment happy, and natural healing.


Benefits of Natural Skincare in NZ


You may be new to using organic and natural products and do not yet know how difference feels on your skin. You will never regret going natural, and our Zurma NZ Bio Whenua brand products will leave you wanting the whole range.


  • Supporting local. We source all our products from within NZ, as far as possible. If there are nuts, seeds, herbal or hydrosol products that we really can’t find in NZ, only then will we look further afield. Our products are manufactured in Christchurch and Dunedin.
  • Bio Whenua. Our certified organic and natural skincare range in NZ is called Bio Whenua. We offer a variety of products in packaging that is in line with the natural theme, to remind you of our purpose on earth and to take care of nature. Our day cream is a unisex cream for all ages that includes jojoba oil and shea butter and will leave all skin types feeling healthy and nourished.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable: You can rest assured that you will only receive the best quality skincare products from us. We have faith in nature to restore our bodies, skin and any aliments that it might contract.

We only sell products that we want to use ourselves, and that are 100 percent organic. We live off the earth, and we harvest products but also believe in giving back to the planet and that we should encourage a mutually beneficial relationship with nature, using natural skincare NZ made.


Other Products We Offer Regarding Natural Skincare in NZ


Except for our Bio Whenua skincare range, we also provide other natural products that you will find joy in using.


  • Nut and seed oils. Seed oils can be hard to come by in its natural form and are often overlooked and forgotten about because it is hard to find. Our black cumin oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and works well for soothing burns and wounds and can reduce scarring in the process. Almond oil, on the other hand, goes very well with our skincare range and can be mixed with our high quality essential oils for fast absorption into the skin and a healthy glow.
  • Hydrosols: We believe in the power of hydrosols for natural healing and enhancement. Our organic Rose hydrosol does wonders for the skin and can restore your skin to a more healthy state, naturally. Orange blossom and Lavender are two other favourites of ours, and we also offer colloidal silver, which benefits may be more familiar to you.
  • Soap making: We want you to enjoy organic, natural products as much as we do and we provide you with goats’ milk and oatmeal soap bases, among others so that you can make your own soap. The possibilities of flavours and aroma in your soap are endless. Choose from our range of essential oils and extracts and infusions to give your soap the lasting scent that you desire.


Buying natural products such as cocoa butter and shea butter, will not only support nature, but it will leave your skin glowing and healthy, and you will feel the difference of not having toxins and additives absorbed into your skin every day.


About Zurma Botanical Oil Studio


Zurma is an extension of our chosen lifestyle, of using organic and natural ingredients and embracing natural health therapies and sustainability to the benefit of generations to come. Our skincare products and essential oils have high therapeutic value, and we want to share them so everyone can feel good and healthy.


Contact us if you need advice on which skincare product is best for your skin or which essential oil will address your health needs best.



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Meta Description: We strive to supply the best quality essential oils in NZ. Discover our natural and organic skincare products for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Client: Zurma Botanical Oil Studio

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Essential Oils NZ


No Better Place to Find Your Organic Essential Oils in NZ


Finding essential oils in NZ is the easy part, but where can one find authentic, pure, and natural essential oils? You have, fortunately, come to the right people. Zurma Botanical Oil Studio sources native plant extracts from New Zealand for our range of certified organic and natural skincare products. Why all-natural products? We care about your personal health and wellbeing, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their body.


When Buying Essential Oil in New Zealand Consider This


When shopping for essential oils, one usually looks for the cheapest product. There are, however, so many factors to consider.


  • You should see the scientific name of the plant that the oil contains, on the bottle. If you can’t, it may not be good quality oil. You might also want to take note of the name so that you can try a different variant next time.
  • Make sure that the product which you are buying does not contain fillers and chemicals, as this can do more harm to your body than good – it might even be toxic. There is no benefit to using essential oils with ingredients not found in nature.
  • Ensure that you buy the correct oil for your planned use, for example for topical or aromatherapeutic use. Essential oils are extremely concentrated plant extracts, and you shouldn’t ingest it.


We even have some essential oils that are made in New Zealand which are environmentally sustainable, and we offer them to you with honesty and integrity e.g. Manuka and Lavender.


Related Products We Provide Essential Oils in New Zealand


We sell high-quality skincare and other products, paired with excellent service, which will add value to your family’s life.


  • Do you need a natural product that will help keep you attentive while studying, support your arthritis, or an insect repellent that the whole family can use? We all experience days where we can use an energy boost, food for our soul, a digestive aid, or something to keep in the house for a nasty earache and sinus.
  • We use beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and oatmeal in our products, as they are rich in vitamins and helps to smooth, hydrate and balance your skin. Try our hand sanitiser, liquid soap, glycerine soap, Arnica cream and even a sports spray.
  • We have the most beautiful diffusers that you can use in every room in your home. Don’t miss our aromatherapy box, which is the perfect gift if you fill it with some of our essential oils made in NZ. If you cannot choose, put a Zurma Botanical Oil Studio gift card in the box.


Whatever product you buy from us, you will feel rejuvenated and happy that you’re doing the best that you can for your body, the natural way.


Why Trust Zurma Botanical Oil Studio Regarding Essential Oils in NZ Online


We consider our business as an extension of our chosen lifestyle and won’t sell you something that we wouldn’t use. As a matter of interest, we are keen organic gardeners who grow vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs.


Conveniently order your essential oils and other natural and organic products online from us, at a very reasonable price, and have your products delivered to your door.


If you have any questions about a product, or you are a new user of essential oils and need some advice, we’ll gladly help. You might want to know more about our blends, hydrosols (flower water) or enquire about how to use essential oils.


Contact us to discuss your needs or to place your order.



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Meta Description: Are you looking for certified organic oils in NZ? View our all-natural, authentic skincare range and essential oils online for enhanced well-being.

Client: Zurma Botanical Oil Studio

Page Title: Organic Oils NZ | Zurma Botanical Oil Studio


Organic Oils in NZ


Our Pure, Sustainable Body Care Products and Organic Oils in NZ are Exceptional


We manufacture our organic and natural skincare products in Christchurch and Dunedin, using native botanical and herbal extracts, hydrosols, nut and seed oils, and essential oils sourced in New Zealand, where possible, and from around the world. See what we have to offer.


The Benefits of Organic Essential Oils in New Zealand


Why are essential oils beneficial to you? Aromatherapy stimulates the smell receptors in the nose as you breathe in essential oils, the receptors then communicate with the brain − via the nervous system − to activate areas like the limbic system.

  • The limbic system has an effect on our emotions, blood pressure, hormone balance, heart rate, memory, and breathing. The essential oils can aid in stress relieving and calm the mind.
  • Certain organic essential oil in NZ also makes for the release of the feel-good hormone, serotonin in the brain, and uplifts your mood.
  • When diluted with a creme or a nut or seed oil, essential oils bring relief to aching joints, help with skin ailments, and can refresh the look and feel of the skin.


Our Zurma Botanical Oil Studio mission is to supply New Zealand with the highest quality essential oils and organic skincare range and to promote natural, sustainable living for the sake of future generations and our planet.


What You Can Expect From Zurma Botanical Oil Studio Regarding Organic Lavender Oil in NZ


Our certified organic lavender oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and flowers from lavender sourced from Greece.


  • The lavender essential oil offers fresh sweet overtones of wood and flowers and can help you to relax and sleep better. Lavender oil can also relieve muscle and joint pain and alleviate skin problems such as bites, burns, cuts, dry skin, sunburn, and acne.
  • Our organic frankincense essential oil in NZ derives from the Indian Frankincense tree’s resin tears. It grounds, relaxes, and calms you by deepening and slowing down the breath, perfect for use during meditation and prayer.
  • Our certified organic essential oils in NZ have been verified by an independent third-party certification agency. This simply means that all parts of the manufacturing process meet the BioGro NZ Certified Organic Standard.


We take environmental sustainability seriously and believe that the natural, botanical ingredients in our skincare and body care products enhance our customers’ health and well-being, naturally.


Why You Should Use Zurma Botanical Oil Studio


Our unique skincare cremes and body lotions contain native plant extracts, and we are forever adding new products to our range.


  • We have developed two primary ranges so far. The first contains lingonberry plant stem cells and Manuka hydrosol while the second is a Rose and Mamaku or Black Fern range.
  • We use lingonberries because they are high in antioxidants and are known to protect and reverse the effects of photoaging as well as providing long lasting skin hydration. Manuka hydrosol has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties that do wonders for eczema, psoriasis, acne, burns, and athlete’s foot, amongst other problems.
  • Mamaku spiral shoots are traditionally used by Māori for food and are also known to hydrate, repair, cool, and rejuvenate the skin to promote youthfulness, while rose oil is good for acne because of its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent benefits.


We sell to both retail and wholesale customers, so our online shop Is open for any order. If you find yourself in mainland Aotearoa New Zealand, you qualify for free shipping on orders over $130. Contact us if you have any queries.



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Meta Description: Obtain products for your aromatherapy in NZ online such as certified organic essential oils to enable sleep, and to ease stress and anxiety.

Client: Zurma Botanical Oil Studio

Page Title: Aromatherapy NZ Online | Zurma Botanical Oil Studio

Aromatherapy in NZ Online


Buy Healing Essential Oils for Aromatherapy in NZ Online


Our products for aromatherapy in NZ online include authentic plant-based essential oils made of tree segments like peels, roots, bark, and petals as well as herbs and flowers.


How Much Do You Know About Lavender Essential Oil in NZ?


Our Lavender NZ Pacific Blue is a non-toxic, non-irritant boost for all systems. It acts as an anti-depressant, a stimulant, and has analgesic, anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.


  • Lavender NZ Pacific Blue can help for skin ailments like burns, bites, cuts, wounds, and acne. It provides pain relief for joints and muscles when used as a massage oil, and it’s an excellent nervous system balancer that reduces stress and associated conditions.
  • We at Zurma Botanical Oil Studio offer four kinds of frankincense essential oil in NZ. Frankincense is known for its cosmetic, medicinal, and spiritual properties since biblical times. Its woody, warm, and balsamic aroma calms, relaxes and grounds without sedating.
  • Authentic essential oils do not contain chemicals or unnatural ingredients, and the manufacturing process doesn’t alter the plant’s chemistry. Massage- and aromatherapists have used these oils for traditional, alternative and complementary therapies for hundreds of years.

You can trust our small, family- and New Zealand-owned business to provide first-class superior products and services if you are serious about you and your family’s health and well-being.


Problems Chamomile Essential Oil in NZ Addresses


We have German and Roman Chamomile oils in different strengths. Our Chamomile Roman 100 percent has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, antispasmodic, expectorant, and anti-neuralgic properties. It’s an antioxidant that increases the production of white blood cells.


  • Undiluted Roman Chamomile has a fruity, herbaceous, sweet apple smell that calms and can help with mild depression and post-traumatic shock. It alleviates arthritis and inflamed skin, muscle aches, headaches, and can soothe irritable babies and toddlers.
  • Both our Blue Gum and Mallee eucalyptus essential oil in NZ are certified organic and act as an antiseptic against viruses and bacteria. They are a useful addition to your medicine cabinet since they can help with a variety of health concerns such as coughs, asthma, laryngitis, skin- and mouth infections plus head colds, fevers, and herpes.
  • Regardless of the health-giving properties, essential oils should not be taken internally or used by children, pregnant women, or persons with medical problems − unless advised to do so by a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Don’t use it on the skin undiluted either.


An independent third-party certification agency BioGro has verified our products as certified organic. This indicates that our manufacturing process and products abide by the BioGro Certified Organic Standard.


What You Stand To Gain When You Use Zurma Botanical Oil Studio

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business practices, and we utilise native New Zealand botanical ingredients in the beneficial wholesale and online skincare products we provide. Contact us and let us help you to make more informed choices about your health and lifestyle.



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Meta Description: Looking for high quality tea tree essential oil in NZ? We offer a range of certified organic oil and skincare products to leave your conscience clean.

Client: Zurma Botanical Oil Studio

Page Title: Tea Tree Essential Oil NZ | Zurma Botanical Oil Studio


Tea Tree Essential Oil NZ


High Quality Tea Tree Essential Oil in NZ


Do not compromise on quality; buy tea tree essential oil in NZ that gives you the benefits and the organic quality that you deserve. When it comes to your health and that of mother nature, you deserve the best quality natural products. Tea tree oil can help in reducing the appearance of skin ailments and have been known also to support the clearing of fungus and boost the immune system.


A Short Buyers’ Guide To Lemon Essential Oil in NZ


Buying essential oils such as manuka essential oil in NZ for your diffuser or using on your skin or as cleaning products, is a process and you should consider each benefit and use of any oil before buying. Here are some tips for buying our essential oils:


  • Consider blends: Maybe you need to stay awake, lack clarity, love citrus or the smell of chocolate just cheers you up. Our Chocolate Treat Blend is made in France. It brings the benefits of uplifting the spirit and inspiring sensual creativity, while our Clarity Blend will clear your mind with hints of orange, clove and clary sage. Blends can be the perfect combination of favourite smells or merely a functional oil used in your diffuser to wake you up or make it easier to focus.
  • To go organic or not: We embrace sustainability and have adopted a natural lifestyle, and we would always recommend organic above all else. Certified organic oils in our inventory include basil, cinnamon, bergamot and cedarwood. Certified organic just means it is the purest form of the product you can find except for harvesting directly from nature yourself.
  • Be careful: It is not advised to take essential oils internally, nor to use it undiluted on the skin. Added to creams or diffused into the air, you will get the maximum benefits of the oil while not harming yourself. Take caution when using oils near children or animals as it can be harmful to their health, so be sure to do your research or consult us if you have any questions or concerns about using certain essential oils.


The right oil for the right ailment or condition can bring joy and health to your life in a significant and impactful way. Experiment with oils such as sweet orange essential oil in NZ and see what works best for you and which smells cheer you up.


What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Rosemary Essential Oil in NZ


Our lifestyle focuses on all-natural products, practices and therapies, of which high quality essential oils such as lemongrass essential oil in NZ plays a big part. The therapeutic and uplifting qualities of essential oils are often overlooked but are intrinsic to a holistic outlook.


  • Reasonable prices: We source our ingredients and oils locally as far as possible, for the rest we source from around the world. You can be assured of only the highest quality oils when you buy from us. We are passionate about natural products and only use the best. We bring you high quality at affordable prices so you can enjoy the best, even on a tight budget.
  • Value add: We offer not only essential oils but other natural products you can use combined with the oils. Our range of organic skincare products, called Bio Whenua, can also be mixed with lavender essential oil in NZ to apply to your skin. Store your oils safely in our aromatherapy box, or add a diffuser to your cart to experience the full benefits of our high quality oils.
  • Gift ideas: We know how hard it is to find certified organic products, and can imagine that it must be a challenge to find a gift for someone who uses only natural products in their home. Our essential oil boxes, unique diffusers and organic skincare range will warm the hearts of any person who has chosen the natural lifestyle.


It only takes one step towards a more natural, sustainable life for the sake of future generations and the planet we call home, make the organic choice.


About Zurma Botanical Oil Studio


Zurma is a family-owned business that has recently developed a range of organic skincare products. We have grown the business as we enjoy sharing our passion for organic, high-quality products, and we see the business as an extension of our lifestyle.


Contact us if you need advice on which skincare product is best for your skin or which essential oil will best address your needs.