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Melt & Pour Goats Milk Soap Base


Easy to melt and pour to make your own soap.

Essential oils can be added to create an aroma of your own liking.

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How to melt the soap base:

  1. Find a pot and fill it with water until it is around 30% full and place on a stove.
  2. Place a pyrex jug or metal bowl into the pots water.
  3. Cut the soap base into small pieces for easy melting.
  4. Leave the jug/bowl in the pots water until the soap has melted and then remove.
  5. Leave to cool, but before it starts turning solid add in any essential oil/s or other ingredients as desired and mix together e.g. flower petals, coffee grounds, oats etc.
  6. Safely pour the melted soap mixture into molds and leave to set and cure.
  7. When firmly solid the soap can be taken out of the molds and are ready to be used and enjoyed.


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