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Borage Seed Oil NZ


Borage seed oil is a herbal oil that is recommended for alleviating pain and other symptoms of inflammation.

It’s an effective natural anti-aging oil that repairs and hydrates.

This oil has many other uses – PMT, Multiple Sclerosis, Menopausal problems, Heart disease, Psoriasis and Eczema. Helps to moisturise, regenerate and stimulate your skin

The essential fatty acids in this rich oil are useful for healthy metabolic functions, and can help support optimum skin, and hair health.

20% GLA.


Botanical Name: Borago officinalis

A golden-yellow to pale-green color with a faintly pleasant odor, borage oil is derived from borage seed – borago officinalis or “starflower,” a wildflower from the Boraginaceae family.  It’s identified by its bright blue, star-shaped flowers, ferny leaves covered in prickly white hair. Borage is also called the “bee plant” and “bee bread,” because its bright flowers attract bees all summer long.

Borage oil is one of the herbal oils that is recommend for alleviating pain and other symptoms of inflammation. It’s an effective natural anti-aging oil that repairs and hydrates your skin. Relieving discomfort among women, such as breast tenderness, premenstrual stress, endometriosis, PMS symptoms, and menopausal symptoms. Borage oil also helps ease related cramping and pain. Easing respiratory disorders. Borage oil has long been used in folk medicine to treat cough and sore throat. It contains a gel-like substance called mucilage, which soothes your mucous membranes.

20% GLA.


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