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Zurma Quantum Water Energizer


The Zurma Quantum Water Energiser uses Magnetic Resonance Energy Technology to turn chaotic water structure into single file molecular alignment.

This produces a super hydrating effect which helps to optimally hydrate one’s body.

This also promotes nutrient absorption into the body’s cells; supports the body’s natural detoxification process helping to balance its pH level; helps promote healthy intestinal flora for better food digestion; promote more healthy looking skin through better hydration and support neutralising free radicals as well as having antioxidant and antiviral effects.

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Positive Effects from Drinking Water from the Zurma Quantum Water Energiser

  • The energised water has a unique long-range dynamic structuring similar to cell water. This makes it compatible with cell water and as a result it has enhanced hydration capacities which makes it more easily absorbed by the tissues of the body. The energised water more effectively penetrates into the cells and eliminates from the cells about three times faster than regular water.
  • Improves nutrient transport and assimilation due to the faster hydration process.
  • Accelerates and improves the processes of elimination of waste products out of the body and the detoxification of the body due to the enhanced cellular hydration. This process helps balance the body’s pH level.
  • The intensified hydration with the energised water leads to the improvement in the process of regeneration of healthy cells. It also helps to slow down the process of ageing because this process is closely related to the cells dehydration. Therefore, the application of energised water for cosmetic purposes improves the skin, as well as strengthening hair and making it more shiny.
  • Energised water has a antibacterial effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mutated cells and supports the life activity of normal healthy cells.
  • Aids in promoting healthy intestinal flora.
  • Enhances the natural immune response, including the factors of natural resistance of the body against the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms, such as phagocytosis, thus strengthening the resistance of the body to infections and inflammations.


Background – 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

On the 26th of April 1986 a systems test at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the then Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic led to a nuclear meltdown in reactor number 4. This meltdown released a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere over an extensive geographical area including parts of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Northern Europe. However, a few areas were not so badly affected by the increased cancer rates from the radioactive fallout and a team of scientists was sent to find out why. Dr. Igor Smirnov was one of these scientists and they found that the reason why these people did not experience elevated cancer rates from the radioactive fallout was because of their local water supply which was coming down from the Caucasian mountains. They found that it was not the minerals in the water, but the unique molecular structure of the water because it was changed into a single file linear format which made it super hydrating allowing it to easily access human cells carrying in nutrition and removing toxins far more effectively than ordinary water which normally has a chaotic structure. Based on this information it took Dr. Igor Smirnov 10 years to develop the Magnetic Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) to reproduce this energising effect on water.

The scientific reason for these areas water being super hydrating was discovered by Professor Peter Agre who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 for mapping how water channels function in cells by letting in some types of water and not others due to their molecular structure. This is called the aquaporin channel derived from the words “water pore”. The aquaporin research has proved that for optimal hydration the water molecules need to be aligned in a single file structure. The MRET water energiser changes water (and other liquids) from a chaotic into a single file structure. The unique properties of MRET energised water has been demonstrated in research results in animal models and in vitro testing. MRET water is properly structured in single file alignment and hence bio-available, it hydrates the cellular structures in the body, enhances the intracellular/extracellular water exchange metabolism and the process of regeneration of healthy cells. It also enhances the natural immune response including the main factors of natural cellular resistance to infections and inflammations such as phagocytosys (engulfing of alien cells and resistance of the body to the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms).

At Zurma we first found out about the MRET water energiser from watching the Truth About Cancer documentary series where Dr. Igor Smirnov was interviewed explaining his device. One of the Zurma owners (Tremane Barr) was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in mid-2012 and we had been looking at and trialling water purifiers and energisers since then none of which suited our needs. We decided to trial one of the MRET units and we are very happy with the positive effects it has had for us, for example, more energy, no longer feeling dehydrated no matter how much we drank, better skin tone and better overall health. We liked the MRET product so much we decided to stock it for sale in New Zealand for our customers. The MRET units we have for sale come from Dr. Igor Smirnovs company which manufactures them in California. We sell these MRET units under our brand name of the Zurma Quantum Water Energiser.


Operating Instructions

Around 2 litres of water is poured into the pitcher. Install the activator on the top of the pitcher so that the bottom part of the activator does not touch the liquid (2-5 centimeters above the liquid). Plug the adaptor into the outlet and push the button on the top of activator. The blinking red light indicates that the Zurma Quantum Water Energiser is working properly and the process of activation takes 30 minutes whereafter the light will stop blinking. The water is then ready for consumption. There are no beneficial effects to activate the water for more than 30 minutes.

When first starting to drink the energised water follow the principle of “Listen to your body” as it can have a powerful effect promoting the elimination of toxins so it is recommended to begin drinking this water starting with half a glassful a day, gradually increasing the quantity over a period of 2-3 weeks up to 3 glasses a day. After the body adapts to the energised water it is possible to drink it as much as you like and also to prepare tea, coffee, soups and other liquid products using the energised water. Your pets will enjoy drinking this water as well. It can also be used to promote the health and growth of house plants, vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.

Any pure drinking water or other liquid food substances like milk, oil, juice or wine can be energised. You can also use the energised water or liquid for cooking food.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Zurma Quantum Water Energiser work?

A: During the process of energising a subtle low frequency electromagnetic field is imprinted into the water. This closely resembles the natural geomagnetic fields found near healing water springs. This is a non-chemical bio-safe process for energising water that does not change the natural pH of the water. This Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) was patented in the USA by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. in February 2000, Patent No.6022479.


Q: Does it purify and/or decontaminate water?

A: It is not a water purifier as it only affects the molecular structure of the water. We recommend that if you have contamination issues with your water supply like chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, e. coli etc. you will instead need to use a water purifier specific to those needs before using the Zurma Quantum Water Energiser. As it does not decontaminate water it does not need replacement filters.


Q: How long is the effective operating life of the Zurma Quantum Water Energiser?

A: The activation unit can be used effectively in work mode on average for roughly around 7,200 hours or for 14,400 half-hour operation cycles. In general the effective lifespan of the activation unit equates to:

  • 10 year lifespan = 8 litres of energized water a day from 4 activation cycles (2 hours use per day).
  • 5 year lifespan = 16 litres of energized water a day from 8 activation cycles (4 hours use per day).
  • 4 year lifespan = 20 litres of energized water a day from 10 activation cycles (5 hours use per day).
  • 2 year lifespan = 40 litres of energized water a day from 20 activation cycles (10 hours use per day).

After the specified term the activator unit has to be replaced with a new one in order to energise water into single file molecular alignment.


Q: Are there any benefits from energising water (or other liquids) for more than 30 minutes?

A: There is no beneficial effect in energising the water (or other liquids) for more than the standard 30 minutes.


Q: How long does the energised effect last for?

A: The research on MRET energised water has confirmed that it has the best properties beneficial for health right after the energising process and kept a substantial part of this effect after storage at room temperature for at least 24 hours or if kept in the fridge for at least 45 days.


Q: Can the energised water be used on the skin and hair?

A: The energised water has a positive hydrating and nourishing cosmetic effect when sprayed on the skin and strengthens hair and making it more shiny.


Q: Does the energised water have a beneficial effect when used to water plants?

A: Yes research has found that MRET energised water helps promote plant growth and health.


Q: Can MRET energised water cure cancer?

A: No it does not cure cancer and has never been promoted as such. The Zurma Quantum Water Energiser is a household appliance, not a medical device. What the research found was that natural water sources that produce single file alignment water helped some people avoid getting cancer as a result of the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. What the research does show is that this type of energised water does support the body’s immune system to function optimally promoting good health.


Q: Has there been any scientific research carried out to back-up the claims made for MRET energised water?

A: YES! Here are some references to scientific publications which support the claims made for MRET energised water:

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