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Glycerine – Certified Organic


Organic Vegetable Glycerine is often used in beauty products because it attracts moisture and easily absorbs into the skin, making the active ingredients in a product easier for the skin to absorb as well.

It’s a thick (viscous), colorless and odorless liquid. It’s water-soluble, sweet to taste and is non-toxic too.

It is used in products from soaps to anti-ageing gels. It is used as replacement for alcohol in herbal tinctures.


Glycerine -(sugar-alcohol compound) is an organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Glycerine is a simple polyol compound. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and non-toxic. The glycerol backbone is found in all lipids known as triglycerides, it can be produced by using a wide variety of plants and also can be created synthetically.

This variety is derived from non-GMO, Organic Soya Bean.

Organic Certifier: Bio-Gro




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