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Tonka Bean Absolute

Tonka Bean Absolute ften used as a fixative oil, it has a warm powdery fragrance reminiscent of caramel vanilla. Its sweet and fruity candy-like aroma makes it a heavily used essential oil in the perfumery industry.

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Tonka Bean  – Dipteryx odorata.

The Tonka bean, also called Tonquin bean, comes from the seeds of the Tonka tree, also known as cumaru/kumaru, which is native to Central and South America. It is a member of the legume family. The wrinkly black-skinned beans may not look like much but their rich sensual vanilla aroma make them highly used in food, cosmetics, perfumery, and tobacco. The fatty substance of the tonka bean also know as “Taquin Butter” it is used in the Netherlands, in linen cupboards as a moth insecticide. Some countries have a ban on Tonka Bean as a food; due to its high coumarin content which is thought to damage the Heart & Liver.


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