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Sabinene – Terpene

Natural Isolated Terpene

Sabinene is a monoterpene that can be found in the essential oils of Spruce, Nutmeg, Pepper Black, Bay Laurel and Cassia.

It is quite fragrant with a medium-strength aromatic profile that is woody, spicy, citrus and terpy with green and camphoraceous notes.

This terpene has strong anti-inflammatory actions, and also displays Anti-Cancer, Antioxidant and Antifungal properties.

Sabinene can be used in very low dilutions to help with skin inflammation and fungal infections of the skin. It acts as a digestive aid, and assists with liver detoxification.

Sabinene also opens the skin pores and promotes perspiration, thereby helping to detoxify the body naturally.

It can be used in a diffuser or diluted in a creme or Nut/Seed oil for topical use.


Sabinene is a colourless clear liquid that is a monoterpene. Monoterpenes are a sole component that is extracted out of natural and pure essential oils which is usually done to obtain the the exact chemical structure to produce a desired action/outcome ie: Sabinene. Sabinene is the compound that brings that spicy kick to black peppercorns, as well as being a potent agent within carrot seed and tea tree oil. It has a medium-strength aromatic profile that is woody, spicy, citrus and terpy with green, camphoraceous notes. In its natural state, Sabinene has a “strong radical scavenging” nature, it is a component in many essential oils that are often credited as antioxidant rich. It has actions that include Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Cancer,  Antioxidant and Antifungal.

Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds naturally found in many plants. Terpenes are produced by plant resin glands and are responsible for the taste and aroma of many plants and tree families including pine, citrus, and cannabis.

Terpenes are very important components in any essential oil. Though generations of holistic and traditional medicinal practitioners have sworn by these ingredients, it is only now that modern medicine and science are sitting up and taking notice of them.


General Essential Oil Safety Recommendations

  • Do not take essential oils internally unless under advisement by a qualified medical professional.
  • Do not use essential oils undiluted on the skin. It is always best to try a small patch test first of the diluted essential oil.
  • People who are pregnant or have serious medical problems are advised to consult with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils.
  • Use extreme caution when using essential oils with children. It is safest to consult with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils with children.


General Disclaimer
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