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Hyssop essential oil has a herbal, camphor-like, spicy, warm and sweet aroma.

Hyssop can give relief from spasms of the respiratory system, including spasmodic coughs.

It can also help women with irregular, obstructed and painful menstruation, help making it regular as well as help overcome symptoms related with menses like nausea, headache, pain in lower abdomen, fatigue, loss of appetite, and mood swings.

It is also very effective against diseases resulting from viral infections such as coughs, colds, flu and mumps.


Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis L. ssp officinalis, fam. Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Part Used: Whole Plant

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Class: Ketone

Major Constituents
Isopinocamphone – 33%
Pinene <beta-> – 13%
Limonene – 6%
Cineole – 5%
Pinocamphone <trans> – 4%


Actions: Astringent, stimulant, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, carminative, cicatrisant, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, hypertensive, nervine, sudorific, tonic, febrifuge, vermifuge and vulnerary.

This oil should be avoided by people with epilepsy or during pregnancy since this oil contains a compound called Pinocamphone, which stimulates the nervous system.

Being a Nervine means it is used as a tonic for the nervous system. This can help keep the nervous system healthy and in good working order and helps to avoid nervous disorders. It can be effective in cases of vertigo and nervousness.

Blends well with: Citrus, lavender, rosemary, myrtle, laurel leaf, sage, clary sage, and cedar leaf.

Nervous system: Anxiety, Hysteria,  Nervous tension & fatigue, a General Tonic for nervous system and stress-related conditions.

Circulation: balances Low or High blood pressure.

Skin care: bruises, cuts & wounds, dermatitis & eczema, Inflammation.

Genito-urinary System: Induces& balances menstrual conditions.

Safety: This is a powerful essential oil and is best used under the supervision of a trained Aromatherapist. Avoid when pregnant.



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