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Fir Needle Siberian

Fir Needle Siberian has a pleasing, sweet balsamic clear and refreshing aroma. Due to antiseptic abilities and fresh scent, it’s often used in natural cleaning products.

May aid in the treatment of both chronic and acute respiratory problems. Used also for fever, muscular and Rheumatic pain. Is a great whole system tonic.

When diffused in the home and workplace, it creates a grounding yet elevating sensation, increases family harmony and good will.

Replaces apathy and anxiety with peacefulness and invigoration.




Botanical Name: Abies sibirica

Part Used: Needle

Method of Extraction: Steam distillation

Country of Origin:  Siberia

Typical Main Constituents
Bornyl acetate – 30%
Camhene – 20%
delta-3-Carene – 13%
alpha-Pinene – 12%
Limonene – 4%
beta-Phellandrene – 3%


Aromatherapy / Home Use

Respiratory System: General tonic, Colds & Flu, Head congestion, Chills, Bronchitis, Catarrhal/Mucus conditions, Coughs, Sinusitis, Sore throat, Chronic respiratory conditions.

Circulation, Muscle & Skeletal system: Poor circulation, Muscle aches & pain, Rheumatism, Arthritis.

Skin care: Skin infections, burns, cuts, hemorrhoids, drying to oily & acne troubled skin.

Nervous System: Adrenal Stimulant, Nervous Exhaustion, Depression, Generally Stimulating.

Immune system: Fevers, Colds & Flu, Lymphatic Tonic, Sneezing, Urinary infections.

Special use: Treats both chronic and acute respiratory problems. Used also for Fever, muscular & Rheumatic pain. Is a great whole system Tonic, May also be helpful in treating Male impotence.

Blends Well With: Basil, Benzoin, Caraway, Cedarwood, Galbanum, Labdanum, Pine, Juniper, Niaouli, Lemon, Rosemary, Marjoram, Lavender, Rosewood.

Safety Data: Non-toxic, Non-Irritant, Non-Sensitizing.  


General Essential Oil Safety Recommendations

  • Do not take essential oils internally unless under advisement by a qualified medical professional.
  • Do not use essential oils undiluted on the skin. It is always best to try a small patch test first of the diluted essential oil.
  • People who are pregnant or have serious medical problems are advised to consult with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils.
  • Use extreme caution when using essential oils with children. It is safest to consult with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using essential oils with children.


General Disclaimer
The product information provided on this website is intended for educational purposes only. The information provided is not considered to be complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate. The information contained in this website is not intended to be sufficient to provide diagnosis and/or treatment of medical conditions. It is recommended that treatment of serious health conditions be done with the help of a trained qualified medical practitioner.




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