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Manuka & Kanuka Blend

These Aotearoa (NZ) native oils have amazing healing abilities, but together they create a synergy that is far greater/ more powerful than using them each alone by themselves.  Great for applying to Scratches, Grazes, Cuts, Spots or Acne (once diluted in a nut or seed oil). Can be added to face oils/creams and used across the entire body. Both these beautiful native essential oils pack a punch when it comes to bacterial, fungal and especially viral based ailments. This blend is a go to for everything in our home and is especially good for teenagers and in the Cold and Flu season. Excellent choice to clean and diffuse in the home to keep viral illnesses at bay.  Also very helpful against Chicken Pox and Measles.


100% Essential oil blend: Aotearoa (NZ) Manuka and Kanuka.

Manuka essential oil has a woody, earthy balsamic aroma that is richer and warmer than Tea Tree. A wonderful New Zealand oil from the East Cape of the North Island that can be used to help with most infectious illnesses as it is a powerful Immuno-stimulant. Manuka oil packs a punch when it comes to chasing off bugs, infections and viruses.

Kanuka essential oil has a sweet pleasant aroma that is well rounded. This oil can be used just like the Australian Tea Tree oil as it has similar properties yet is more rounded and balanced. Kanuka has exceptional deep penetrating qualities that makes it very effective as an anti-inflammatory. This oil works very well as a pain reliever as it gets right into the joints and muscles. It is ideal for steam inhalations to ward off viral infections and chills, or as a relaxer before going to bed.

If there is an outbreak of head lice in your whanau try this oil. People who have tried it use it in preference to putting large amounts of chemicals on their children’s heads – Kanuka oil can be mixed with water, shaken and sprayed onto the scalp.

Diffuse this amazing Blend in your home to keep viruses away  especially great to use when  Colds, Flus, Measles or Chicken pox come knocking.



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