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Diffuser – 3D Glass Flat Top


Inhaling Essential Oils is one of the most effective ways to experience their therapeutic benefits.  The best way to inhale Essential Oils with the therapeutic qualities intact is to diffuse them into the air with a Zurma Ultrasonic Diffuser. A Zurma Ultrasonic Diffuser works by placing the essential oils you want into the water dish of the diffuser which the electronic frequencies then create vibrations that turn the essential oils into micro-molecules diffusing them and spreading their positive effects into the air as negatively charged ions. The negatively charged ions will attach themselves to harmful positively charged particles in the air helping to purify your home and increase vitality.

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Type: High quality design glass diffuser with rotating 7 coloured lights. It makes a creative decoration as well as a functional diffuser and can also be used as a night light. Features a safety auto-off when the water runs out – just relax and enjoy!

Size: 180mm high x 100mm wide

Description: Excellent way to use essential oils without damaging the therapeutic qualities of their pure essence. Zurma Ultrasonic Diffusers work by putting a few drops of the essential oils one wants into the water dish at the heart of the diffuser and when turned on the ultrasonic action suspends the tiny molecules in water vapour and dispenses them through a chimney into the room/office. The Zurma Ultrasonic Diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations that are carried to the surface of water which the oils are floating on. The vibrations vaporize the oil and disperse it into the air without using any kind of heat.

The ultrasonic diffusion process makes it one of the most cost effective ways of diffusing essential oils as only a few drops can last many hours. The Zurma Ultrasonic Diffusers also create negative ions which connect with positive ions – rebalancing and clearing the environment. Positive ions are created by electrical appliances, air conditioning, especially computers and printers.

Use the Zurma Ultrasonic Diffusers in the work space to improve concentration and mental clarity. In your bedroom and your childrens to help wind down before bedtime or help with sleeplessness. Diffuse in your home or office to help ease tension, relieve stress and for general vitality. It is healthiest to only diffuse essential oils for 30-60 minutes continually at a time with a 30-60 minute break in-between. This is not only safer, but it is also more effective as both our bodies and our nervous system habituate to essential oils after this period of time. It is also advisable to allow a source of fresh air into the room/s where diffusion is being carried out.

The Zurma Ultrasonic Diffuser only works with essential oils as it does not work with nut/seed oils or blends of nut/seed oils containing essential oils. This is because the nut/seed oils are too dense and heavy to be effectively diffused.


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