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Vitamin E Tocopherol – GMO FREE


This Vitamin E is derived from Sunflower Seeds which are GMO FREE. Vitamin E (tocopherols) is very beneficial in skin care as it is proven to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions, which can help protect the skin, speed wound healing, and provide anti-aging effects. Vitamin E also helps protect skin from the oxidising effects of damaging UV rays.


Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus

Method of Extraction: Cold pressed

Part Typically Used: Seed

Origin: China

GMO Free: These days most Vitamin E oils on the market are derived from genetically modified soya beans, but Zurma has a GMO free policy for all its products so we made sure this Vitamin E oil is GMO free.

Gluten Free: As it is derived from Sunflowers it is also a safe choice for people with sensitivity to gluten.


Vitamin E is a light yellow oil, a fat-soluble vitamin, that is actually a family of compounds, the tocopherols, found in nature. Alphatoxopherol is the most common and the most active of the seven currently described forms-alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta. Specifically, d-alpha tocopherol is the most potent form. Vitamin E was first isolated from wheat germ oil, which is still a commonly used, rich source of vitamin E. The oil component of all grains, seeds, and nuts contain tocopherol. The protective covering or germ part of the grains is what contains the E, and this is lost easily in the milling of flour or in the refinement of grains. For the vitamin E to be preserved, extraction of the oils from nuts and seeds must be done naturally,  by cold pressing.


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