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Geranium Hydrosol in Frosted bottle

Pelargonium graveolens

Geranium hydrosol has a lovely fresh and floral aroma. Geranium is known for helping with emotional balance, stress, skin care, and Women’s endocrine system issues. A great toner /face spray for everyday use and comes packaged in A lovely frosted glass bottle with a Gold or Silver spray top. Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

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Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens

The Hydrosol of Geranium is extracted through steam distillation of stem and leaves of the Geranium plant –  Pelargonium graveolens. It is a well-loved fragrance used for cosmetics, food, tea & alcohol flavorings, perfumery and holistic healing. Having a special connection with Emotional balance/stress, the skin, and Women’s endocrine system issues.

Physically, it can help with hormonal balance, liver and kidney function to discharge toxins. Can open the energy of the Solar Plexus. Supports digestive, nervous and circulatory systems and has antiseptic qualities.

*See also the qualities of Geranium/Geranium Rose/ Geranium Bourbon essential oils, the hydrosol has approximately .02% essential oil in the hydrosol.

Hydrosol is term used to refer to the by-product derived from the distillation process when producing essential oils and is sometimes referred to as floral waters. Hydrosols contain the colloidal suspensions of the essential oil as well as water-soluble components but in a milder form (0.02%) which makes them suitable for all manner of applications where essential oils would be too strong.

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